April 15, 2014

TL -534-

And everybody know the story of David and Goliath
But this is bigger than triumph
This is for the warrior, this is for you and I
This is for euphoria, give me a piece of mind
God is recording this, won't you look in the sky?
Tell him you got the behavior of your neighbour
Even when stability's never in your favor

It's On Again (Feat. Kendrick Lamar) - Alicia Keys

Skin: >> Aeros Avatar River << 2014a NEW 
(Beard: >> Aeros Avatar River << Beard :: chief pick/ Eyes: >> Aeros Avatar River << Eyes :: tanzanite)
Jacket: [R3] - Kyler Jacket [V2] NEW 
Boots: [R3] - Meir Boots [V3] NEW 
Pants: .:villena:. - Chinos in Black NEW 
Hair: Uw.st    Sid-Hair    Black
Cigarette: [NikotiN]    Cuba_Premium

Pose: Focus Male Pose 22