July 09, 2013

TL -247-

Tick tock hear the clock countdown
Wish the minute hand could be rewound
So much to do and so much I need to say
Will tomorrow be too late

One Day Too Late - Skillet

Shirt: / XIAJ / Zig Zag Tee (Fluorescent) NEW Boys of Summer
Pants: / XIAJ / Light Grey Denim Jeans NEW She & Him
Sneakers: / XIAJ / Canvas Sneakers (Black) NEW Boys of Summer
Skin: >> Aeros Avatar Miles << 2013a
Hair: *Dura-Boys&Girls*27(Black)
Facialhair: [CheerNo] FacialHair II Dark_F#3
Reamer: Cobrahive - "Gauged" Plug earrings [mono]
Bracelet: PP - Gol Lether Bracelets - Unisex
Hands: [CheerNo] Hands_V3_#4

Poses: [Expressive Poses] - Jimmy NEW