Monday, May 27, 2013

TL -131-

I still believe in your eyes;
I just don't care what
You've done in your life.
Baby I'll always be here by your side;
Don't leave me waiting too long,
Please come by!

I'll Fly With You - Gigi D'Agostino


Hoodie: [R3] - Angel Hoodie NEW
Shorts: [R3] Demi Jean Shorts NEW
Hair: **Dura-Girl**16(Black)-ladys hair
Glasses: Mesh Sunglasses
Earrings: Pure Poison Gift - Spring Wood Earrings
Ring: welldone.atelier/ Love Ring / Silver - SL Fashion Week
Game: BALACLAVA!! Gamer's Delight Necklace YELLOW The Mens Dept.
Legwarmers with Sneakers: Blueberry Kimmy *Mesh* Legwarmers with Sneakers Polka


Beanie: -Entente- David Hair & Beanie - B&W
Beard: [CheerNo] FacialHair II Dark_B#3
Game: BALACLAVA!! Gamer's Delight Necklace RED The Mens Dept.
Shirt: Retro' - shirt mesh need help
Pants: !BeUp! Jeans Pants Male - Blue Light (!BeUp! + SFW Outfit #5 Male SL Fashion Week)
Shoes: *UBU PornStar Slip-ons MultiColor

Purple Poses - Ethan
Purple Poses - Sierra SL Fashion Week
Purple Poses - Heidi